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Manual Prober
(For 8-inch wafer Low Current Measurement)


Model 708fT

Manual Prober for 8-inch wafer

Manual prober model capable of measuring fA-level low current

Low current measurement

  • 01The three-layer structure with guard and shield allows measurement of fA-level low current

  • 02Despite the simple structure, this model allows low-noise, high-accuracy measurement

Easy operation

  • 01Air bearing stage for easy one-handed operation

    Allows stage positioning within a short time, which improves measurement efficiency.

Safety design

  • 01Safety lock mechanism to prevent damage to devices and probes caused by improper contact operation

    Reduces wasteful remaking of devices, remeasurement, and probe maintenance.

Various customization options available

  • Can be equipped with hot chuck (+40℃ to +200℃) for evaluation of temperature-dependent properties
  • Customizable according to intended use

Specifications: Model 708fT Manual Prober (for 8-inch wafer Low Current Measurement)

Maximum wafer size φ200mm
Stage travel
(rough adjustment)
X: 220mm Y:270mm
Sub-stage travel
(fine adjustment)
X: 10mm Y: 10mm
Z stroke 0 / 0.3 / 3.5mm+3mm
Θ travel ±5°
External dimensions
897mm×863mm×400mm (excluding options)
System weight 120kg (excluding options)

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