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Human Resource Development

MJC believes that our greatest asset is our employees.
We aim to provide necessary education and a supportive environment for our employees so that they can grow and continue to work with us for a longer period of time.

Training programmes

New Employees Managers and Leaders Section Manager Class Department Manager Class
Hierarchy-based Training Autonomous Leadership Training Leadership Training Management Training Advanced Management Training
1, 3, and 5-year Follow-up Training for Graduates Evaluations Training
Selective Training Training for Senior Management Candidates
Human Resource Management Training Harassment Prevention and Compliance Training
Occupational- and Departmental-based Training Administrative Management Training
Technical and Skills Training Technical Training
Skills Training
Skills Training English Language Acquisition Programme
Cross Cultural Communications Training
Correspondence Courses and E-learning Correspondence Courses
Foundation Business Courses

Development programmes to create future managers

The next generation of leaders who will be at the heart of Micronics Japan's growth will be systematically designated positions whilst attending external business schools and carrying out assessment programmes amongst other training opportunities. This is all with the aim of raising their profiles as candidates for senior management positions.

Hierarchical training

Training programmes based on the concept of organisational revitalisation and team building have been put in place and are specifically designed for relevant positions in the company.

Technical and skills training

With the aim of improving the technical level of all employees, basic and specialised technical probe card courses are held annually for technical employees, and opportunities are provided for non-technical employees who also wish to attend. In addition, we regularly hold courses to help employees understand the latest semiconductor technology trends.
New employees in the manufacturing sector are provided with intensive training to acquire skills for a certain period of time after being assigned to the department.

Support for skills building / qualification acquisition system

Global human resource development

Based on the idea that 'language learning is self-development', an English language learning programme has been set up since 2015. It offers a highly flexible selection of courses to those who wish to take them, according to their motivation and work schedule.
A short-term study abroad programme is also offered to our employees who are in charge of overseas sales or scheduled to be assigned overseas that need to improve their English language skills in a short period of time.
Additionally, customised programmes are also available for learning foreign languages other than English, such as Korean and Chinese if needed.
Study abroad programmes are also available for improving management skills and specialisation.

Bringing about an organisational culture of self-directed learning

As part of the development system for acquiring business knowledge and skills, an online learning programme is available to support the self-development of our employees, acquiring basic management skills, and bring about a culture in which they can develop their skills without being tied down by time.
For the same purpose, we have also introduced a system that allows employees to freely take distance learning programmes that lead to the improvement of their individual skills.

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