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Environmental Activities

MJC recognizes the importance of corporate responsibility when it comes to protecting the planet, which is why we are continuously taking part in environmental activities such as reducing resource and energy consumption, reducing waste, advancing recycling processes, and ensuring appropriate management of chemicals.

Complying with the revised Energy Conservation Act

Under the Energy Conservation Act, MJC is designated as a Specified Business Operator (SBO).

All business operators in Japan are required to monitor and keep records of their energy usage. Any given business as a whole must aim to reduce energy consumption per unit *¹ by an average of 1% per year during a 5 year period.

At MJC, though overall usage has increased, it has done so in line with increased production output and the introduction of new equipment. Over the fiscal years of 2018-2022, we managed to greatly surpass the 1% target and reduce our energy consumption per unit by an average of 9.9%.

However, that isn't the end of the line. We continue to challenge against global warming by finding ways to further reduce per unit energy usage and conserve energy.

*1: Energy consumption per unit: representative figure of energy efficiency. The lower this figure, the more efficient the production, saving energy and contributing to efforts against global warming. (MJC is continually tracking its energy consumption against production figures.)

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 Average yearly change in
energy consumption per unit
(2018-2022) *²
Overall Energy Use
4,578 5,130 5,325 5,602 5,767
Energy Use per Unit
121.3 141.2 98.56 81.77 80.09 -9.9%

*2: Average yearly change in usage per unit in %: Figure shown represents change based on usage figures of any given fiscal year compared to the preceding fiscal year where it is set at 100%.

Appropriate Management of Chemicals

Chemical materials that MJC uses are fully managed in accordance with all relevant regulations.
Before the induction of any chemical material, risk assessments are carried out to evaluate levels of possible danger to human health and in turn set up measures to deal with such risks.

In addition, we have set up a chemicals registration system, allowing us to manage the quantity of any given chemical being used and apply the appropriate regulations according to each division. This is MJC's compliance evaluation procedure to ensure the appropriate management of chemical materials used.

Effluent treatment system

At the Aomori Plant of MJC, we have introduced wastewater treatment equipment so that wastewater discharged from the manufacturing process does not impact the environment. We discharge treated water that has gone through a process such as cohesion and precipitation into the sewage.

In addition, since gold and other precious metals are used in the production of probe cards, these are collected from wastewater for recycling.

Additionally, Aomori Factory has come up with a way to employ a cooling system that uses natural outdoor air in cleanrooms where it manufactures probe cards.
The introduction of these kinds of cutting-edge systems has not only reduced environmental impact compared to the systems that MJC used to use, but has also led to cost savings.

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