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Local Community Activities

In the course of our business activities, it is essential for us to coexist with the local community.
The following are some of the community initiatives that we undertake.

Neputa Festival

In Hirakawa City, Aomori, where our Aomori plant is located, we participate in the annual summer floats festival called "Hirakawa Neputa Festival".

We parade through the streets with our own neputa float in the shape of a fan, enlivened by the traditional musical accompaniment with the call of 'Ya-ya-do', joining together with other local companies and members of the community.

Blood Donations

As part of MJC's social contribution activities, we conduct blood donation drives for our employees and cooperate with the Red Cross Blood Bank.

We will continue our blood donation activities in order to save as many lives in need of blood transfusions as possible.

Placement of AEDs

MJC has set up automated external defibrillators (AEDs), devices used to restore normal heart function by applying an electric shock to the heart in the case of ventricular fibrillation, which is one of the causes of sudden cardiac death.

In the case of sudden cardiac arrest, early intervention before handing the patient over to rescue personnel is acknowledged as a means of increasing the chances of resuscitation.

We envision that these AEDs could be used not only for MJC's employees but also for other people in the vicinity in an emergency. We are glad to contribute to the local community in this way.

Community Cleanups

Since 2005, MJC's employees and other community members have been conducting volunteer cleanups, called Operation No Trash, at each of the Company's locations as part of its community contribution activities.

We clean the roads, gutters, and shrubbery around our factories with a feeling of appreciation for the local communities that give us their loyal support.

LIMEX Business Cards

LIMEX is a new material born in Japan, developed by Japanese company TBM where calcium carbonate derived from limestone is its main component.t is said that by 2050, 40 percent of the world's population will not have direct access to water, and in 100 years time, the world's valuable forests will be depleted.

To make roughly one tonne of everyday use paper, around 100 tonnes of water and around 20 trees are required. On the other hand, production of LIMEX uses calcium carbonate from limestone, zero trees and 98 percent less water. The product can be used in place of traditional paper. As such, it is possibly a huge contribution to tackle the world's dwindling resource problem.

At MJC, all our employees' business cards are printed on LIMEX. Compared to traditional paper business cards, a box of 100 LIMEX business cards saves around 10 litres of water. We want to make our contributions to mitigating the very real risk of the world's resources drying up.

Vegetable Oil Inks and Carbon Neutral Printing

MJC uses carbon neutral printing processes as part of its efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition, vegetable oil ink is used for printing, as well as plant-based ink or ink derived from recycled oil, lightening the burden on the environment.

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