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Contribute widely to society
with electronic measurement technology.

MJC’s mission is to contribute widely to society with electronic measurement technology. We deliver testing and measurement solutions for semiconductors and LCDs. With probe cards used for testing semiconductor integrated circuits as our main business, we deliver high-precision contact technology that has earned high acclaim from customers around the world.

Amid digital transformation, use of IoT-driven technology, and the growth in mobile data traffic with the shift to 5G, demand for semiconductors has risen significantly. The semiconductor market will likely grow further over the medium- to long-term as the rise of new technologies like generative AI creates more varied uses for semiconductors. Just as demand will continue to rise for semiconductors as an essential device in our lives, performance requirements will grow increasingly stringent, leading to more complex and lengthy testing processes. This trend will create an ever-greater need for efficient, high-precision testing solutions—our forte.

The business environment we operate in is undergoing a huge transformation and the pace of change will pick up in the years ahead. In order to navigate the changes and succeed in a new age, we revised our Corporate Philosophy for the first time in 16 years. The new Corporate Philosophy has three components. First is the MJC Mission, which expresses our corporate purpose. Second is the MJC Future Vision, which expresses the kind of organization we aspire to be in the future. Third is Our Values, which expresses the values shared by every member of our corporate group.

We also established the Sustainability Policy to enshrine our commitment to a sustainable society and environment. Guided by this policy, we will integrate sustainability into our business practices to meet societal demands and earn the confidence of our stakeholders.

We will continue to engage with stakeholders in our efforts to integrate social and environmental concerns into our business activities, drive sustainable business growth, and create long-term value.

I want to thank all of our stakeholders for their continued support.

MJC YOUR Best Partner, MJC Anytime Anywhere

Masayoshi Hasegawa
President & CEO

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