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Contribute widely to society
with electronic measurement technology.

Micronics Japan Co., Ltd., (MJC) provides testing and measuring solutions for semiconductors and liquid crystal displays in accordance with our management philosophy, which is to contribute widely to society with electronic measurement technology. Today, our core business involves probe cards used for testing integrated circuits. Underpinned by high-precision contact technology, our probe cards are acclaimed from customers around the world.

Digital transformation continues apace, driving digital innovation and leading to greater use of digital devices across all sectors of the economy. Consequently, semiconductors are being used in an ever wider range of applications. Digital transformation is also driving the 5G rollout and the Industrial Internet of Things, which in turn are fueling an explosive growth in data traffic and encouraging more investment in data centers. Given these trends, semiconductors will remain in high demand as a vital part of the world economy.

Embedded into social infrastructure, semiconductors have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They are also growing increasingly sophisticated. Accordingly, semiconductor testing requires a lengthier and more complex process to ensure safety. This situation makes our solutions—for efficient and accurate testing—more relevant than ever.

We will continue to work with all stakeholders on sustainable corporate development. That means growing our enterprise value while integrating social and environmental concerns into our business activities so that we help build a more sustainable world.

I want to thank all of our stakeholders for their continued support.

President & CEOMasayoshi Hasegawa