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Probe cards are the key in measuring reliability in the ever-evolving testing of semiconductor integrated circuits, which are becoming faster, more compact, and more efficient. We provide a variety of probe cards tailored to customer needs and test environments, always at the highest level of quality.

Probe Card Range

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Pad pitch
  • 〜50㎛
  • 55㎛
  • 60㎛
  • 80㎛
  • 100㎛
  • 130㎛
  • 150㎛〜
Pad structure
  • Al-Pad
  • Solder bump
  • Cu-pillar bump
Pad array
  • Peripheral
  • Area array
  • LOC (including Dual LOC)
  • Logic
  • Optical
  • DRAM
  • Flash

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What is a probe card?

A probe card is a jig used for electrical testing of an LSI (large-scale integrated circuit) chip on a wafer during the wafer test process in LSI manufacturing.
A probe card is docked to a wafer prober to serve as a connector between the LSI chip electrodes and an LSI tester as a measuring machine. The needles of the probe card contact the LSI chip electrodes to conduct electrical testing for the go/no-go test.
The wafer test process is highly important and highly dependent on the reliability of probe cards.

【Probe Card】

【Wafer Test System】

What is an advanced probe card?

An advanced probe card is a probe card using advanced technologies. It is superior to cantilever-type probe cards in terms of throughput, fine pitch, positioning accuracy, and high frequency.

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