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Corporate Philosophy

Messages from our founder and Corporate philosophy

Micronics Japan’s corporate philosophy consists of the following values: ‘MJC Mission’—which defines the company's raison d'etre; ‘MJC Future Vision’—which describes our future aspirations; and “Our Values” - which all employees under MJC Group should share in order to realise the Mission and Future Vision.

Messages from our founder MJC Mission MJC Future Vision Our Values Sustainability Policy Principles Of Conduct

MJC MissionContribute widely to society with electronic measurement technology

We uphold and aim to fulfil MJC Mission for our stakeholders. Since our founding, we have explored and refined our technology and we have grown as a company alongside the ever-developing field. Under this mission, we will continue striving to contribute toward the development of a more affluent society.

MJC Future VisionMJC YOUR Best Partner, MJC Anytime Anywhere

'MJC Future Vision', which expresses our long-term aspirations, has been consolidated into this ‘MJC Future Vision’ which is the same name as before, however, has been updated its contents in light of changes in the business environment.
‘MJC Future Vision’ expresses what MJC wants to become for our diverse stakeholders; to be the perfect business partner for our stakeholders and exist as the partner of choice regardless of time or place globally. With these aspirations in mind, we can contribute to a better future.

Our ValuesQDCCSS + QDCCSS2.0

The QDCCSS, our foundation, was created to earn the trust and confidence of our customers, and has continued to permeate our core values over the years. Furthermore, in light of changes in the business environment and employee feedback, we have established 'QDCCSS2.0' as a new set of values for growth. With our values as the driving force for growth, we can further strive to realise 'MJC Mission' and 'MJC Future Vision'.

Sustainability Policy

  1. To be a company that promotes conscientious development
  2. To be a company that is trusted by its customers
  3. To be a company that treats the environment and society with due consideration and gratitude
  4. To be a company where diverse and demonstrable abilities are showcased

Principles Of Conduct

At Micronics Japan, to enhance the practical implementation of compliance, all officers and employees are not only familiar with the law, bylaws, internal regulations and corporate ethics, but also have created a "Compliance Handbook" that compiles points to be noted by each individual. The handbook is aimed at elevating awareness of compliance and ensuring every member is more conscientious about the guidelines.

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