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Messages from our founder

Messages from our founder

To contribute to building a sustainable society in line with MJC Mission, “Contribute widely to society with electronic measurement technology,” we value the three spirits of our founder, who remains the driving force behind MJC Group’s growth to date. These spirits will continue to be preserved as part of MJC’s DNA and serve as unwavering beacons, guiding us like the North Star.

Message01We value nature's laws and principles.

To cultivate new fields and develop ourselves, the important point is not to be bound by past experience, common knowledge or conventional ideas, but to grasp the essence of things and keep up our minds focused on nature's laws and principles in our decisions, actions and thinking. What we must do is act with maturity, morality and ethics to make the right decisions and take the right actions.

Message02We value the three KAN, which are defined as 観 (observation), 感 (impression), and 勘 (imagination), to pursue human resource development.

Those who are dedicated to the development of products and technology must observe carefully and know the value of admiration, impressions and excitement, and the observation and impressions that imagination has produced. This leads to human resource development. Those who are involved in developing products and techniques must always remember to observe things carefully and emphasize the admiration, excitement, and inspiration obtained by observation. Moreover, observation and excitement drive intuition and lead to self-improvement.

Message03We take these five steps for achievement: “Dream (or Needs),” “Foresee,” “Originality,” “Motivation,” and “Execution.”

The most important points for achievement are to make dreams come true, foresee consequences, look for originality, strive with motivation, and make efforts continuously for execution.