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We have been developing and supplying testing and measuring instruments for semiconductors and FPDs since our establishment in 1970.
As the future becomes ever more digital, we continue to support this change and bring further value to the world.

MJC Mission

Contribute widely to society
with electronic measurement technology.

In order to use electronics products safely and securely,
semiconductors and the tests that ensure their quality are becoming increasingly important.
Using our cutting-edge technology, we will continue to provide the products and services necessary for these tests.

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Business Divisions

We provide probe cards and testers, which are measuring instruments used to test electrical properties of wafers in the semiconductor manufacturing process, test sockets for testing properties after packaging, and wafer probers used for evaluation and analysis during research and development.
With our highly reliable testing and measurement technologies, we support the improvement of productivity and quality of semiconductors as they become more sophisticated and diverse.

Semiconductors are essential for electronics products that make our lives convenient, rich, and enjoyable. MJC provides the equipment required for semiconductor testing during its manufacturing process, such as probe cards, test sockets, testers, and wafer probers.
With our highly reliable testing and measurement technologies, we support semiconductor device manufacturers to improve productivity and the quality of semiconductors.

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MJC in Numbers

Global Market Share

probe cards

(data source: TechInsights, 2023)

With products and services that meet customer needs, we have maintained the No.1 market share position since the start of the Techinsights survey in 2015.

Percentage of R&D

Approx. 10% per year

Approximately 10% of our sales each year is reinvested back into proactive research and development of our technologies.

Operating Profit Margin


We are building a structure that can generate profits regardless of market conditions by improving productivity and cost efficiency.

Return On Equity (ROE)


From the perspective of emphasizing shareholder value, we aim to improve indicators such as return on equity (ROE), through which we strive to increase corporate value.

Global Expansion

Number of locations
7 countries
11 locations

Percentage of overseas sales
Approx. 70%

Major semiconductor
manufacturing regions

MJC has locations across the world producing semiconductors, allowing us to expand our services globally.

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