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Semiconductor Test Equipment (IC Tester)

Custom testers and test system development

Equipment for the final evaluation of devices following their wafer testing and packaging.
MJC can provide both hard and soft test solutions to suit your needs, from IC semiconductor development and defect analysis to mass production.

We will develop custom testers and test systems with selected functions to suit the test environment or budget.

  • 01Developing custom test systems combining a basic tester platform with customized circuit substrates

  • 02Building test solutions for various type of devices or by adding software to meet needs

  • 03Total support from planning, design, development to mass production, set-up and maintenance

Products of custom tester

Possible Solutions

  • Logic test
  • Memory test
  • Application software
  • Device measurement program
  • Pin electronics substrate

What is Semiconductor Test Equipment (IC Tester)?

Semiconductor test equipment (IC tester), or automated test equipment (ATE), is a system for giving electrical signals to a semiconductor device to compare output signals against expected values for the purpose of testing if the device works as specified in its design specifications.

Testers are roughly categorized into logic testers, memory testers, and analog testers. Normally, IC testing is conducted at two levels: the wafer test (also called die sort or probe test) that tests wafers, and the package test (also called final test) after packaging. Wafer testing uses a prober and a probe card, while package testing uses a handler and a test socket, together with a tester.

【Logic testers】

【Wafer Test System】

What is a BIST / DFT tester?

A BIST / DFT tester is a tester that allows efficient testing of semiconductor LSI chips that have built-in self-test (BIST) circuits.

What is BIST?

BIST is one of the designs for testability (DFT) technologies. Building a circuit for generating a test pattern as a part of tester function and a circuit for comparing test results and expected values in an LSI chip makes it possible to conduct testing within the chip’s circuits. BIST circuits include memory BIST for memory testing and logic BIST for logic circuit testing.

MJC's BIST / DFT Tester

MJC provides testers for BIST / DFT, allowing the best hardware configurations according to the specifications of memory BIST, logic BIST, etc., suitable for the continuity test, AC parametric test, DC parametric test, and function test. Optimization design to meet customer needs helps achieve a high pin count, compact size, and low cost.

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