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The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, usability, reliability, or safety, etc. of the content of this website. The Company may change or delete any of the content on this website or URLs without prior notice. The information on this website does not necessarily reflect the latest information at all times. The Company assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage that may occur as a result.

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Proposals from Customers

The Company and its affiliates do not in principle accept any proposals for ideas for technology or designs, etc. from customers. Please note that even if customers submit such proposal, the Company and its affiliates shall not be obliged in any way to review or report, maintain confidentiality thereof, or pay for, etc. such proposal.

Prohibited Acts

The following acts are strictly prohibited when using this website.

The following acts against the Company, any of its affiliates, or their officers or employees, or other companies (persons) or groups:

  • Acts of defamation, slander or intimidation;
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  • Acts that may damage credibility;
  • Acts that are or may possibly be illegal; or
  • Acts that violate public order or morality.

Governing Law and Court with Jurisdiction

  • This website is administered by the Company. While this website is accessible from all countries around the world, each of which have different laws, both the persons accessing this website and the Company shall agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and ordinances of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government when using this website.
  • The Company does not guarantee that the content of this website may display properly on your access environment. Persons accessing this website do so on their own initiative and are responsible for using this website.
  • Unless otherwise provided, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court with exclusive agreed jurisdiction in the first instance for any and all disputes arising in connection with the use of this website.

Links to this Website

In principle, you may create a link to this website, regardless of whether for profit or non-profit purposes, without giving the Company advance notice. However, the following links or links that may be considered to correspond to the following links are prohibited:

  • Links from websites that defame the products and/or services provided by the Company and its affiliates, or links from websites that include content that damages the credibility of the Company or its affiliates;
  • Links from websites that contain illegal information;
  • Links from websites that contain content that violates public order or morality and/or social ethics;
  • Links that make it unclear that this website is the destination such as frame links and image links. (Please set the link so that the entire browser screen changes to this website or this website is opened in a different window); and
  • Links that may be misinterpreted as having some kind of partnership or collaborative relationship with the Company or its affiliate(s), or links that may lead to the misunderstanding that the Company or its affiliate(s) recognizes or supports the linked website.

The Company may request that a link be changed or deleted, even if it does not correspond to any of the above.

Please also note that the URL of this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice.

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This website contains pages that have embedded data collection tags for compiling visitor (access) statistics. These tags, however, do not identify users' personal information. Access data collected in this manner will be used to maintain and improve user convenience and the quality of this website.

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Even though links to other websites maintained by third parties may be found on this website, the Company does not accept any responsibility for any inconvenience or damage that may result from such websites.

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