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Semiconductor Division

Our product lineup for the semiconductor manufacturing process includes probe cards for testing the electrical properties of wafers, testing equipment called IC testers and test sockets for property testing after packaging, as well as a wafer prober, which is used for evaluation and analysis during R&D of devices. As the functionality and diversity of semiconductors advances, we are supporting the enhancement of productivity and quality with our highly reliable testing and measurement technologies.

Applied Product Field

  • PC

  • Smart Phone

  • Server

  • Automobile

  • Game

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

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  • Wafer manufacturing
  • Board wiring process
  • Wafer testing
  • Mounting and assembly process
  • Final inspection
IC* chips (smiconductors) are primarily manufactured on ultra-high purity monocrystaline silicon wafers.* IC: integrated circuit
A circuit pattern is printed on the wafer and a fine electronic circuit is formed by injecting ions.
Semiconductor devices on wafers are tested for electrical properties.
The IC chips are cut from the wafer every few millimeters and encapsulated in a package using a resin mold.
The package IC chip receives a rigorous inspection for performance and reliability using a test socket.

Products used in this process

FPD Division

In the FPD field we offer products which are used for testing the electrical properties of flat panel displays (FPDs), and probe units that send electrical signals to test panels. As FPDs become larger with higher definition and more versatile, we are providing optimal testing solutions and contributing to productivity gains.

Applied Product Field

  • TV

  • Laptop

  • Tablet

  • Car Navigation

FPD Manufacturing Process

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  • TFT array process
  • TFT array testing
  • Cell process
  • Cell panel testing
  • Module process・testing
  • Final inspection
A thin-film-transistor(TFT) circuit atop a specially fabricated glass substrate is formed on the exposed surface.
The fine TFT circuit formed on the glass substrate is tested for its electrical and optical properties.
The TFT array substrate and color filter substrate are attached to encapsulate the liquid crystal and complete the liquid crystal cell.
Using a probe unit, the liquid crystal cell is tested for point defects, wiring defects, and color uneveness and contrast.
The driver IC circuit and backlight unit are attached to the cell panel that passed the testing.
The final product under-goes a visual inspection as well as performance and durability testing.

Products used in this process

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