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Health and Safety

At MJC, various elements of our health and hygiene management system are being strengthened company-wide.
For example, enhancing employee health management, maintenance of the work environment, health consultations, and other post-incident review measures.
We are currently focusing heavily on health management and stress checks, overworking, long-term leave, and return-to-work support.

Promoting Health Management

Our Commitment to Health

We are committed to improving the health of our employees and achieving a good work-life balance.
We believe that when each and every employee is physically and mentally active, it leads to increased productivity and vitality in the organisation as a whole.
Our commitment toward ensuring healthy employees includes three key pillars; prevention of serious illnesses, lifestyle improvement, and mental health measures.

Our policy on the three key pillars

01Prevention of serious illnesses

Subsidies and leave for health checks

Subsidies and special leave are provided for regular health checks, additional tests and follow-up tests.

Active encouragement for follow-up tests

We actively encourage the take up of follow-up tests for those who, following a health check, are required or advised to do so.

02Lifestyle improvement

Providing healthy meals

Employee cafeterias have been set up at each office location to support employees' dietary needs with health-conscious menus.

Making exercise habitual

We hold walking events and other opportunities to enjoy exercise with incentives to reach certain goals to encourage habitual exercise.

Smoking cessation measures

It is well-known that the effects of smoking not only affects the smoker but also those around them. We have set up activities and support systems to help reduce smoking, such as non-smoking weeks, and providing smoking cessation aids for free.

Promotion of specific health guidance

To prevent lifestyle-related diseases, we provide an environment where employees can receive consultations and guidance from external specialist staff during working hours and within the workplace.

Health newsletters

To raise awareness of health promotion, information on mental and physical health is regularly issued according to the season.

03Mental health measures

Self-care and mental health care from line managers

Self-care training for all employees and supportive mental health line-care training for managers are conducted annually to help prevent and support mental health issues and to familiarise employees with the company-wide support system.

Stress checks

Annual stress checks are carried out in order to lookout for early signs of stress and offer consultations with an occupational physician for those suffering from stress or as a preventative measure.

Development of return-to-work support programmes

Our support members, including occupational physicians, provide support from the start of long-term leave through to returning to work.
We are working to create and operate a personalised return-to-work support programme, while also utilising external organisations, to create an environment in which employees can continue to work.

Managing Risks of Infection

Based on experience with the spread of the novel coronavirus since 2020, the following measures have been put in place:

  1. Remote working from home and staggered on-site working hours
  2. Web conferencing
  3. Disinfection and temperature checks with thermal cameras upon entry
  4. Installing disinfectant in each room and distributing masks to employees
  5. As a general rule, overseas business trips are prohibited to countries where the alert level is at stage 3 and above.

Site Safety Inspections and Accident Prevention

In order to maintain and manage work environments, the following site safety implementations have been put in place:

  1. Under the guidance of a hygiene and safety consultant, checks are carried out in all MJC work environments. Reviews are conducted and improvements are pushed for further disaster prevention.
  2. Hygiene and safety officers routinely inspect areas for compliance with standards and make recommendations for improvement.
  3. In addition to training manufacturing site managers on improving their foundational skills for managing production workers, a subcommittee has also been set up to manage and improve site environments and their safety.

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