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Cantilever Probe Card Domestic production of cantilever probe
cards ended on 30 September 2023.
MJC Microelectronics(Kunshan)Co., Ltd.,
our China subsidiary, will continue
manufacture of cantilever products in China.


For Logic device・
Memory device Measurement

Probe cards suited for multiple simultaneous testing

  • 01Can be used in both high and low temperature environments

  • 02Needle specification can be adjusted according to pad material and substrate condition

  • 03Allows shorter lead time and is recommended for research and development situations

  • 04Low cost of production compared to other vertical probe cards

  • 05Supports fine pitch

    Logic devices:
    from 30μm
    Memory devices:
    from 50μm
  • 06Supports LOC and peripheral arrays

  • 07Needle Specifications for Small Pads (Bow Contact Probe)

    • Stress design controls the amount of scrubbing and reduces device pad damage
    • Supports pads of thin-film, Low-k, and CUP devices
    • Needle specifications are designed according to the pad structure and test conditions
    • Card life is extended by preventing the tip blunting

For LCD Driver Measurement

Probe card suitable for LCD driver IC measurements

  • 01

    • Narrowest pitch probe card

    • Pad pitch: can also be used for 25 μm

  • 02Low needle pressure contact reduces bump damage

  • 03Supports multi DUT

For Low Current Measurement

This type of probe card for low current measurement has a resolution of the order of 10fA

  • 01Resolution on the order of 10fA

  • 02Leakage current can be measured even in the R&D scene

  • 03Can be used for Keysight Technologies' tester series 4070 and 4080

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