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GND Block Series

  • 01Contact terminal suited to GND pads

  • 02Improved durability of GND contacts

  • 03Various methods of contact with the device's GND pad can meet various needs such as contact stability, electrical characteristics, improved heat dissipation, mechanical stopper function, and blocks with built-in pin

Contact type

  • Flat Type
    The flat contact surface allows for great heat dissipation and electrical characteristics
  • Peaked Type
    A GND Block with built-in J-Pin with scrub function
  • Pin Type
    Due to the peaked contact surface, the GND Block is less susceptible to the effects of foreign objects
  • Scrubbing Pin Type
    • Scrubbing function eliminates foreign objects, reducing the need for frequent cleaning
    • Less susceptible to foreign objects, providing stable resistance

Manual Actuator

  • 01Used for manual sorting devices

  • 02Used for device development, defect analysis, and other small-lot production

  • 03Clip type, hinged screw type, and other types to match the usage environment

Cleaning Tools

  • 01Wire brush for clearing away solder and foreign objects accumulated on the probe tip

  • 02Two types of brush tips available: stainless steel and copper

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