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Effective Date: December 01, 2023

1.Personal Information Protection

  1. a)MJC ELECTRONICS ASIA PTE. LTD (“MEA”) is responsible for overseeing operations related to the processing of personal information that MEA has retained in the course of its business (“Personal Information”) and has designated a personal information protection officer as follows to handle complaints from information subjects related to the processing of Personal Information and to remedy damages.
     Personal Information Protection Officer
     Name: Hiroshi Iwamatsu
     Job Title: Managing Director
     Contact: +65 6386 1140
  2. b)Information subjects may contact or inquire the Personal Information Protection Officer and the related department handling the protection of Personal Information about complaint handling, damage relief, and other related matters that will occur during their usage of the MEA’s services or business. MEA will respond to such inquiries from the information subjects without delay

2.Contact for Inquiries

MEA guarantees the right of information subjects to self-determination of their privacy and strives to provide a consultation window to maintain damages caused by privacy infringements. If you, as the information subject, need to report or consult, please Personal Information Protection Officer.