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Medium-Term Business Plan: FV26

Business Plan: FV26

Micronics Japan Co., Ltd. (MJC) is pleased to announced FV26, its Medium-term business plan for the three years beginning in 2024 and ending in 2026.

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Performance goals

Performance goal to be achieved in FY2026

Net sales Operating profit Operating margin ROE
¥65.0 bn ¥15.0 bn 23% 20%


Budget Capital expenditure R&D investment Total
2023 ~ 2026 ¥30.0 bn ¥20.0 bn ¥50.0 bn

Priority measures

  • By the end of the three-year period, achieve a growth rate higher than that of the market to ensure the momentum for achieving MJC Future Vision
  • Align growth with customer demand through a program of aggressive capital expenditure and R&D investment
  • Develop the talent and organizational effectiveness necessary to capture growth opportunities in sustainability and digital transformation
  • Improve the organization’s value and contribute further to society with electronic measurement technology

Probe Card Business

  • Maintain the commanding lead in the memory market by boosting production capacity and developing new technology
  • Gain a larger share in the non-memory market by developing new MEMS probe cards
  • Provide better after-sales services to enhance the customer experience and build new customer relationships

Test Equipment Business

  • Develop the contactor business into a stable revenue driver
  • Develop new products for semiconductor testing to create new value and drive growth
  • Provide better after-sales services, making customer field service a third source of revenue

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