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CSR Initiatives

CSR Promotion Policy and our 6 Principles

In order to achieve a sustainable society, MJC takes part in environment, social and governance activities.
The following are ways we aim to do this.

CSR Promotion Policy

MJC is committed to CSR and carries out activities to achieve the following four corporate visions, in order to fulfill its social responsibility to stakeholders including customers, shareholders, local communities, employees, and business partners.

01A company that promotes sound development

MJC strives for economic prosperity and also fulfills its social responsibility.

02A company that is trusted by customers

MJC strives to provide products and services with a high level of customer satisfaction.

03A company where employees can work enthusiastically

MJC strives to establish systems that allow employees to find job satisfaction.

04A company that is environmentally friendly and socially sensitive

MJC strives to protect the global environment and to exist in harmony with society.

Initiatives for Our 6 Principles

“Value nature's laws and principles” is one of MJC's keystones. This is a declaration that it is crucial to act in accordance with criteria that are based on human morals and ethics. Nowadays, fair business operations and corporate ethics are taking on increasing importance. In order to more thoroughly ensure compliance at MJC, we have incorporated our keystones into the Company's rules and designated specific laws that every member of MJC should keep in mind. We further compiled these into a Compliance Handbook and make sure that all employees are familiar with them.

  • Establishing an integrated
    management system

  • Ensuring occupational
    and product safety

  • Ensuing adherence to corporate
    ethics and compliance

  • Enhancing
    information security

  • Disclosing information

  • Contributing
    to society

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