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Utilizing proprietary concepts from development to materials procurement, manufacturing and management

MJC recognizes the importance of earning customer trust. This is why we developed a proprietary integrated management system, QDCCSS, for all aspects of the manufacturing process, from development to manufacturing, materials procurement, management and systems development. The six key activity themes of QDCCSS ensure continual improvements and reform.

Quality:Enhance technoligies and maintain quality, Delivery:Timely delivery, Cost:Reduce costs, Compliance:Legal compliance, Service:Extensive service, Safety:Occupational and product safety

At MJC, we are committed to company-wide improvements and reforms under our QDCCSS policy. Every year, awards are given for initiatives that have brought about positive results.
Our kaizen improvement activities include production efficiency, cost reduction, product improvement, and reformation of in-house systems, among many others. These are our motives to further drive progress at MJC.

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