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Support for Work-life Balance, Caregiving, and Childcare

MJC strives to support each and every one of our employees to showcase their best performance at work all the while being able to fully tend to their families, working toward a harmonious coexistence of home life and work.
Based on the philosophy of increasing productivity by way of building trusting relationships with our employees, we are proactively pushing for open, mutual communications with them, encouraging the uptake of paid leave, in order to realize true work-life balance.

Supporting the Next Generation

Rate of Return to Work Post Maternity Leave

As we have been able to steadily and successfully implement an environment that allows work and childcare to coexist harmoniously, from 2020 to 2022, the rate of mothers who returned to work after maternity leave was 100 percent.

Number and percentage of people who returned to work after taking childcare leave

  • 2020: 4 people 100%
  • 2021: 3 people 100%
  • 2022: 6 people 100%

Rate of Working Mothers

The following are figures relating to the total number of female employees in the company and the percentages of those with children under 18.

  • 2020: Approx 27.1%(55 out of 203 female employees)
  • 2021: Approx 27.6%(55 out of 199 female employees)
  • 2022: Approx 26.8%(56 out of 209 female employees)

We are continuing our efforts to create an environment where our female employees are able to continue working for us long-term with measures such as shorter working hours.

Support for Caregiving and Childcare and Encouragement of Paid Leave Uptake

For caregivers and parents with preschool children, in addition to 5 days of paid leave per year specifically for providing care, we have also implemented a system that allows leave to be taken in hourly increments with shortened working hours.
We also actively encourage employees to take their paid leave. We are constantly adding implementations such as six-monthly checks by managers on leave balances to ensure that paid leave is taken.

Women's Empowerment Activities

Percentage of Female Employees in the Entire Company

Specific numbers of female employees

  • 2020: Approx 18.6% (203 out of 1,090 people)
  • 2021: Approx 18.5% (199 out of 1,076 people, decreased 0.1%)
  • 2022: Approx 18.7%(209 out of 1,118 people, increased 0.2%)

We have achieved a gradual and steady increase in female employees.


We are continuously pushing for diversity in the workplace, and as part of this plan, we are particularly focused on the employment of persons with disabilities. In order for those with disabilities to join us and work in an inclusive environment, we periodically consult with Hello Work's employment services for persons with disabilities, push to improve accessibility, and install facilities such as hand rails and accessible toilets.

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