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Human Resource Development / Benefits and Welfare

MJC believes that our greatest asset is our employees.
We aim to provide necessary education and a supportive environment for our employees so that they can grow and continue to work with us for a longer period of time.

Training Systems and Programs

We provide our employees with training programs to improve skills right from the start of their career with us, whether their intention is to advance or change positions.

In order to nurture a global-minded team, we particularly promote the studying of English. We have programs that offer short-term study abroad programs and online lessons, etc., aimed at supporting higher acquisition of English proficiency at different levels.

Skills Development Support and Incentive System for Qualification Acquisition

We provide correspondence courses and support our employees' personal and professional development by helping them acquire the specialized knowledge they need to improve their job performance.

In addition, we provide grants to finance the costs of attaining external qualifications with the intention of encouraging employees to take up qualifications that will bolster their prospects.

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