Semiconductor Products

Providing test solutions for diverse needs

MJC provides a wide range of solutions that contribute to improving quality and productivity in semiconductor design and manufacturing, from probe cards, testers and wafer probers for the semiconductor wafer test process to test sockets for final testing.

Probe Card

A probe card is used for a go/no-go test of an integrated circuit (IC) on a wafer during the wafer test process in semiconductor manufacturing. MJC's probe cards, featuring superior accuracy and quality, meet the various needs of diverse testing environments.

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Package Probe (Test Socket)

A package probe, or test socket, is a test jig used to test packaged semiconductor devices for the final test in the semiconductor manufacturing process. MJC provides two types of package probes (test sockets): J-Contacts for high frequency and BeeContacts featuring superior contact and durability.

Key Products

Semiconductor Test Equipment (IC Tester)

Semiconductor test equipment (IC tester) is used for go/no-go testing of IC in the semiconductor wafer test and final inspection after packaging. MJC provides optimal custom testers according to needs, ranging from development and defect analysis to mass production, thereby contributing to test cost reduction.

Wafer Prober

A wafer prober is a system that enables a wafer to come into contact with a probe to transmit electrical signals from a tester or measuring instrument for the purpose of evaluating properties and conducting a go/no-go test.
MJC's extensive lineup includes manual probers for R&D and semi-automatic probers.

Key Products