The firm with the world's foremost technological prowess is revealing a new dimension.

Among the first companies in the world to focus on semiconductor and FPD testing, MJC has consistently been pursuing the advancement of both electronic measurement technologies and ultrafine process technologies, producing creative and unique probing test technologies in the process. Today, MJC is developing ancillary products and technologies for probing tests that include custom large-scale integration (LSI) chips and testers, among others.

Semiconductor Products

A leading-edge lineup that meets today's needs for ultrafine and low-cost products with a short lead time

We offer a lineup of leading-edge products that meet market needs. These products include probe cards for electrical testing during the semiconductor wafer manufacturing process, test sockets for the final testing of semiconductors, IC testers for electrical testing and evaluation, and wafer probers for device development and defect analysis.

MJC's Products

FPD Products

Contributing to automation, saving of manpower, and improved quality and productivity of testing

We offer test solutions for flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing to improve panel quality and productivity: automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment for the panel lighting test, systems to detect and compensate for mura during the final module test, and probers and probe units that transmit electrical signals to the device under test.

MJC's Products

*We license out technologies related to FPD prober products to Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd. (GPM) in Taiwan.