Production Technology

Process Technology and Equipment Technology as Our Strength

MJC develops and manufactures its production facilities and processes in-house to provide our customers with first-ever leading-edge testing devices and equipment. MJC's strength lies in our process and production technology, which creates such in-house equipment, enabling us to customize our products, meet lead time requirements and conduct shipping inspections that conform with quality assurance. MJC will continue to create products that have never existed before and achieve reliable quality, with the goal of providing benefits to customers.

Process Technology

Thin-Film Multi-Layer Wiring Technology for High-Density Mounting and High Speed Signal Transmission

A ceramic thin-film multi-layer wiring substrate, which has both high heat resistance and high ceramic strength as well as the high signal transmission capability (high speed, high density and high quality) of thin-film multi-layer wiring, is the key component of a probe card.

MJC has successfully manufactured ceramic thin-film multi-layer wiring substrates using an in-house process, and has made it possible to conduct the one-touchdown test for 300-mm wafers, which used to be considered impossible. The thin-film multi-layer wiring technology has been applied to next-generation probe cards as well as probe units and other new products.

Combining Skills of Experienced Engineers and Precision Machine Technology in Manufacturing

While pursuing precision machine processing technology that is central to manufacturing, MJC is refining the expertise of its highly experienced engineers. MJC's short lead times for delivering very fine-pitch probes and probe cards with high-density mounting has been made possible by the perfect combination of precision machine processing and engineering expertise during assembly.

Equipment Technology

In-House Development and Manufacturing of Key Production Equipment

MJC internally develops, designs and assembles production equipment that plays a key role in product manufacturing. In-house manufacturing of production equipment allows the development and manufacture of unique, high-performance products incorporating creative thinking, and enables MJC to respond to customer needs carefully and quickly.

MJC is also working on automation of such production equipment to save labor, shorten lead times, and secure quality. MJC's sites around the world use the production equipment manufactured in-house in Japan to provide global-quality products.

Shipping Inspection to Assure Customer Needs Are Met

Before shipping products, MJC's production line conducts tests under possible conditions in the customer's usage environment as well as tests that cover functions for diverse uses. MJC ships its products only after confirming that they satisfy specific needs of customers through shipping inspection.