What is BeeContacts?

BeeContacts is a series of spring probe-type contact terminals developed by MJC.
Thanks to their easy maintenance and stable contact, these contact terminals are used in test sockets from the BeeContacts series and the probe card for WLCSP.

The BeeContacts has been developed to solve a problem that occurs in the final test process of package testing, namely, the deterioration of contact of the spring-type contact terminals that are generally used.

After reviewing the conventional spring structure (comprising a plunger, a barrel and a spring), MJC adopted a new barrel-less structure (comprising plungers and a spring) for the BeeContacts series to achieve better contact.
The BeeContacts is designed to enable two plungers to move independently for multi-point contact. Due to the distinctive structure, the sharp plunger edges conduct self-cleaning with micro scrub movements and break through the oxidized film and foreign materials on the solder surface to achieve superior, stable contact.

Compared with the cylindrical plungers of spring probes, the leaf plungers of BeeContacts allow thicker plating and excel in radiation performance therefore making them suitable for high current measurement.