What is automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment?

Conventionally, the FPD cell panel test and module test have been conducted by way of visual inspection by an inspector. However, the diversification and increase in production volume of FPDs has heightened the need for quantification and automation of the lighting test.

MJC has commercialized AOI equipment using a CCD camera. The system detects various panel display defects (dot defects, line defects, mura or uneven brightness, etc.) and conducts a go/no-go test based on quantified data. When combined with a cell prober, the system can automate the entire cell test process and significantly improve panel production efficiency.

Features and Benefits of the AOI Equipment

Features Benefits
Saves manpower and allows shorter TACT time in the test process Test cost reduction
Can be used together with an existing prober for visual inspection Introduction cost cut
Enables the conduct of both automated inspection and visual inspection Reduction in debugging time for a new product type
Easy replacement for a new product typeEasy replacement for a new product type Improvement in availability and productivity
Identifies the location of the defect for repair Yield improvement and cost reduction
Can provide feedback to the previous process based on quantified data on defect and mura Yield improvement
Eliminates subjective judgment error and ensures uniform test quality Cost reduction by preventing defective products from continuing on to the next process and non-defective products from being destroyed

Note:Prior to introduction, MJC conducts advance evaluation using the customer's device and consultation on the usage and judgment criteria.
We license out technologies related to cell prober products to Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd. (GPM) in Taiwan.

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