What is an advanced probe card?

An advanced probe card is a probe card using advanced technologies. It is superior to cantilever-type probe cards in terms of throughput, fine pitch, positioning accuracy, and high frequency.


U-Probe refers to probe cards suitable for memory device measurement. It allows wafer-scale probing with MEMS probe “micro cantilever” and thin-film multi-layer technology.

In U-Probe for NAND flash, MJC has commercialized the world's first probe card that allows one-touchdown*1 for 12-inch wafers. With regard to U-Probe for DRAM, MJC achieved DUT*2 layout that minimizes the number of touch downs.

The probe area of U-Probe is equal to the wafer size, so that the probe can be positioned anywhere on a wafer. U-Probe for DRAM has a crescent DUT layout, which allows the most efficient use of space, making the most of the tester resources.

The DUT layout reduces the number of touch downs required for testing wafer pieces and achieves even scrub across the wafer to make the best contact, which significantly improves test yield.

  • *1.Touch down: the number of contacts required to test a wafer piece
  • *2.DUT: device (or chip) under test
  • U-Probe for NAND Flash
  • U-Probe for DRAM


Vertical-Probe refers to probe cards suitable for multi-die testing of general logic products, including SoC and microcomputer products.
It is called a “vertical-type” probe card because the probe needles are vertical to the substrate. Because of its short needles and vertical contact with the device, the vertical type is best suited to measurement of small pad, high frequency devices.
With advanced technologies, MJC's Vertical-Probe achieves the industry's top level of fine pitch.



MEMS-SP refers to probe cards for logic devices, suitable for flip chips for microprocessors and SoC devices, as well as the fine pitch bump wafer test.
Thanks to the vertical-spring-pin-type probe and manufacturing with MEMS technology, MEMS-SP allows highly accurate and reliable testing with little variation.
Additionally, its structure allows single pin replacement, which reduces maintenance time.

  • Head
  • Illustration of pin replacement of the probe


SP-Probe refers to vertical-spring-pin-type probe cards.
SP-Probe for NAND Flash is suitable for the one-touchdown test of 12-inch wafers. Its high needle pressure specifications (7 gf) help achieve stable contact by ensuring contact with pads under the oxidized film. This product also allows single pin replacement for easy maintenance.


Probe Card for WLCSP

A probe card for wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP) is suitable for testing area array devices. Crown-type and flat-type specifications are available for the probe's tips, allowing you to choose one according to the testing environment.

  • Probe Card for WLCSP