Automatic Prober for Power Device
(for 8-inch wafer)

Model PW-8000

This model is a full-automatic prober for wafers of up to 8 inches.
Its high-voltage and low-inductance design allows evaluation of power devices of up to 3,000V and 1,200A* (Pulse).

*When using High Current Probe Block Model HC-04


Power device measurement

  • Achieves low inductance and low resistance with the unique chuck structure and contact
  • Can test wafers for high current characteristics, such as low Ron measurement of power devices
  • This model enables tests at wafer level that would conventionally be conducted after packaging or mounting and therefore contributes to cost reduction, early feedback to the wafer process, and yield improvement.

High Current Probe Block
Model HC-04

This probe block model is for testing high current and high voltage.

  • Its unique multi-contact structure achieves longer life, stable contact, and lower conductor resistance to reduce measurement errors
  • Maintains high performance with easy maintenance and single contact pin replacement


  • Enhanced options include an ultra-thin wafer handling system and a custom temperature controller
  • Customizable according to intended use
Model HC-04


Model PW-8000 Automatic Prober for Power Device (for 8-inch wafer)

Wafer size φ150mm / φ200mm
Withstand voltage 3,000V *
Allowable current 1,200 A (Pulse) *
Note: in case of being used with High Current Probe Block Model HC-04
Range of set temperature From room temperature to 250 ℃
(when using PW-8000 custom chuck/controller option)
Residual resistance < 100μΩ
Residual inductance < 100nH
Overall positioning accuracy XYZ-axes < ±5 μm
Control interface PIO / GP-IB
External dimensions (WxDxH) 1,380mm×1,215mm×1,280mm
Weight 1,000kg

* For details, please contact to our sales team.

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