Personal Manual Prober (for 2-inch wafer/4-inch wafer)

Model PMP-2 (for 2-inch wafer)
Model PMP-4 (for 4-inch wafer)

This series is compact personal manual prober which covers wide variety of applications.



Small size and light weight prober for small diameter wafers.

  • Fully portable for your personal use.

Simple Operation

XYZ adjustable wafer stage

  • Simply move and fix the wafer stage with magnet stand for easy wafer alignment.

Wide Application Coverage

Changeable inside layout for your application

  • Move or remove the manipulator stands and add your own probing fixtures or measurement accessories to suit your application.

Highly Accurate Measurements

Low noise / low leakage with 3-layer design of wafer chuck, guard and shield

  • Enables reliable and stable fA / μV level measurements.


Personal Manual Prober Model PMP-2 (for 2-inch wafer)

Maximum wafer size φ50mm
X/Y stage travel*1 X:60mm Y:60mm
Ζ stroke 5 mm
Dimensions(WxDxH) 300×300×260mm (excluding projection portion)
Weight 12kg (excluding options)

PMP-2 includes Triax – SMA connector plate for SMU x 1, Manipulator x 3, Coaxial probe needle x 3 and Coaxial interconnect cable x 4. *2

*1 In case of attaching the slide rail.
*2 Except for Japan: Vacuum pump is NOT also included.
Note: PMP-2 does not support thermal chuck and temperature controller.

Personal Manual Prober Model PMP-4 (for 4-inch wafer)

Maximum wafer size φ100mm
X/Y stage travel*1 X:100mm Y:100mm
Ζ stroke 5 mm
Dimensions(WxDxH) 350×370×260mm (excluding projection portion)
Weight 14kg (excluding options)