Semi-Automatic Prober for Low Current Measurement (for 8-inch wafer)

Model AP-80

This high-performance semi-automatic prober can measure fA-level low current.
This model helps achieve both efficiency and accuracy in measurement and analysis.


Low current measurement

  • The fully-guarded structure allows accurate low current measurement down to fA-level
  • This model allows low-noise, high-accuracy measurement

Easy operation

Both external automatic control and manual joy stick operation (six movement modes) are possible

  • Both semi-automatic operation and manual operation are easy, which improves measurement efficiency.

Standard model for systems and software of major measuring instrument manufacturers

Keysight Technologies

  • B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer
  • Desktop EasyEXPERT/Spark software

Keithley Instruments

  • Systems and measuring instruments with ACS (measurement software)

Can be customized for other measuring instruments and software

A wide variety of options and customization

  • Can be equipped with thermochuck (-50℃ to +200℃; dew condensation prevention mechanism with dry air purge) or heat chuck (+40℃ to +300℃) for evaluation of temperature-dependent properties
  • Can be equipped with a probe card for low current by using a probe card adapter
  • Customizable according to intended use


Model AP-80 Semi-Automatic Prober for Low Current Measurement (for 8-inch wafer)

Wafer size –200φmm
Stage travel X: 210mm Y: 250mm
Travel resolution 1μm
Accuracy in the positioning stage ±10μm
Repeat accuracy in the positioning stage ±2μm
Z stroke 9mm+0.5mm (overdrive)
Θtravel ±5°
Control interface GP-IB
External dimensions (WxDxH) 820mm×930mm×1,220mm (excluding options)
System weight 500kg (excluding options)

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