Full-Automatic Prober for One Touch Down (for 12-inch wafer)

Model BP-3000

An automatic prober for one-touchdown with 12-inch wafer.


One-touchdown with the entire wafer

The adoption of automatic probe card balancing, standard mark alignment, and a high-rigidity stage allows one-touchdown of an entire 12-inch wafer.

  • Eliminates the need for probe index, which leads to substantial test cycle time reduction
  • Minimizes the range of chuck movement, which reduces the footprint in the clean room.

Total solution

Allows proposals on total solutions including a probe card and a tester

  • Test path optimization helps achieve highly accurate, high-speed testing.
  • Centralization of after-sales service helps improve operation and management efficiency.


MJC will propose optimized test systems according to the application and usage environment


Model BP-3000 Full-Automatic Prober for One-Touchdown (for 12-inch wafer)

Wafer size φ300mm
Stage travel X: ±30mm Y: ±30mm
Travel resolution 0.1μm
Accuracy in the positioning stage 5μm or less
Repeat accuracy in the positioning stage ±1μm
Z stroke 100mm
Θ travel ±5°
Maximum load capacity 2940N (300kgf)
Control interface GP-IB
External dimensions (WxDxH) 910mm×1,250mm×970mm
System weight 1,500kg

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