Manual Prober for Evaluation/Analysis (for 6-inch wafer/8-inch wafer)

Model 705B

Model 705B (for 6-inch wafer)
Model MP-10A (for 8-inch wafer)

This series offers general-purpose manual probers for a variety of different types of evaluation and analysis.
These models can also be used for temperature characteristics evaluation and evaluation of high-voltage devices.


Easy operation

Air bearing stage for easy one-handed operation

  • Allows stage positioning within a short time, which improves measurement efficiency.

Safety design

Safety lock mechanism to prevent damage to devices and probes caused by improper contact operation

  • Reduces wasteful remaking of devices, remeasurement, and probe maintenance.


Customizable according to the intended use, for example, with addition of probe card adapter, hot chuck (+40℃ to +300℃), microscope, or laser cutter, or into a prober able to withstand high voltages.


Model 705B Manual Prober (for 6-inch wafer)

Wafer size -φ150mm
Stage travel
(rough adjustment)
X: 180mm Y: 220mm
Sub-stage travel
(fine adjustment)
X: 10mm Y: 10mm
Ζ stroke 0/0.3/3.5mm+37.5mm
Θtravel ±90°
External dimensions (WxDxH) 440mm×580mm×290mm (excluding options)
System weight 50kg (excluding options)

Model MP-10A Manual Prober (for 8-inch wafer)

Wafer size -φ200mm
Stage travel
(rough adjustment)
X: 220mm Y: 270mm
Sub-stage travel
(fine adjustment)
X: 10mm Y: 10mm
Z stroke 0/0.3/3.5mm+37.5mm
Θtravel Rough adjustment: ±25°
Fine adjustment: ±5°
External dimensions (WxDxH) 560mm×761mm×346mm (excluding options)
System weight 70kg (excluding options)

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