Wafer Prober

Extensive product lineup for different types of evaluation and analysis.

We also provide a wide variety of accessories and options from which you may choose according to need.

2inch 4inch 6inch 8inch 709fT 8inch MP-10C 8inch AP-80A 8inch 705A-WG7
Technical Column:

Prober for Low Current Measurement

    • Model 708fT
      (for 8-inch wafer)
    • Model AP-80A
      (for 8-inch wafer)

Prober for Evaluation/Analysis

    • Model 705C
      (for 6-inch wafer)
    • Model MP-10C
      (for 8-inch wafer)
    • Model 705A-WG7
      (for 12-inch wafer)

Personal Prober for Evaluation/Analysis

    • Model PMP-2
      (for 2-inch wafer)
    • Model PMP-4
      (for 4-inch wafer)


Discontinued Products and Products with Changed Specifications

Please be informed of wafer prober-related products which have been discontinued or specifications of which have been changed.
If you have any questions, please contact us.