Semiconductor Test Equipment (IC Tester)

Contributing to test cost reduction with optimized solutions to meet needs

Model μTAT5100 Series μTAT5300 Series
μTAT5100-Mini μTAT5100 μTAT5300-Cube μTAT5300
Test rate Max.33MHz Max.100MHz
Number of pins 256–512 pins 256–4,096 pins 64–512 pins 64–2,048 pins
Testable devices MCU
System LSI

μTAT Series (Logic Tester)


High-pin-count, low-cost logic tester


Focused on basic functions for logic testing

  • Allows testing of high cost performance
Test rate 33MHz
Maximum number of pins 4,096 pins


Compact and low-cost logic tester


μTAT5100 series architecture is adopted

  • Lowers pin count, yet widely applicable to tests ranging from the development to the production phrases.
Test rate 33MHz
Maximum number of pins 512 pins


Per-pin, high-speed logic tester


Per-pin architecture with a tremendous degree of freedom for testing

  • Test conditions can be set per pin, which contributes to test cycle time reduction.

Equipped with direct interface of Standard Test Interface Language (STIL)

  • Can shorten the test program development period.

Addition of memory test is optional

Test rate 100MHz
Maximum number of pins 2,048 pins


Compact low cost per-pin logic tester


μTAT 5300 series architecture is adopted

  • Lower pin count, yet widely applicable to tests for the development phase and the production.
Test rate 100MHz
Maximum number of pins 512 pins

Custom Tester/Test System Development

Achieving high cost efficiency of test systems with sufficient essential functions and performance

We will develop custom testers and test systems with selected functions to suit the test environment or budget.

  • Developing custom test systems combining a basic tester platform with customized circuit substrates
  • Building test solutions for various type of devices or by adding software to meet needs

Possible Solutions

  • Memory test, analog test
  • Application software
  • Device measurement program
  • Pin electronics substrate