Probe Card

Extensive lineup to meet customer needs

Probe cards hold the key to measurement reliability in testing semiconductor integrated circuits, which continue to evolve toward higher density, higher speed, and improved efficiency. MJC offers probe cards of the highest and stable quality and tailored to customers' needs and testing environments.

Advanced Probe Card


U-Probe refers to probe cards that use a micro cantilever—a MEMS probe developed by applying our proprietary MEMS technology—and the technology for manufacturing thin-film multi-layer wiring substrates.


  • For multi-die testing of memory devices
  • Can be used for one-touchdown testing of 12-inch wafers


Vertical-Probe refers to vertical-needle-type probe cards.


  • Suitable formuli-die test, including peripheral pad layout
  • Best suited to measuring higher density, higher speed logic and SoC devices


SP-Probe refers to vertical-spring-type probe cards.


  • Best suited to one-touchdown testing of 12-inch wafers (NAND Flash) as well as WLCSP applications


MEMS-SP refers to vertical-spring-type probe cards using a MEMS probe.


  • Best suited to flip chip wafer testing of microprocessors and SoC devices

Cantilever Type Probe Card

For Multi-Die and Peripheral Pad Layout Tests

This type of probe card is suitable for a peripheral pad layout IC with pads at four sides and for multi-die testing.


  • Can be used in environments with high and low temperatures
  • Can meet short lead-time requirements

For LCD Driver (Fine Pitch) Measurement

This type of probe card is suitable for LCD driver IC measurement.


  • Best suited to Au bump and fine-pitch devices
  • Precious metal needle material
  • Can test 1*2 or 2*2 IC layouts with four sides pad array

“Lumeasy” for CMOS Image Sensor Measurement

Lumeasy is a probe card for CMOS image sensor ICs.


  • Suitable for multi-die testing even with large size IC chip
  • Needle specifications reduce pad debris at the time of contact
  • Easy maintenance

For Low Current Measurement

This type of probe card for low current measurement has a resolution of the order of 10fA.


  • Can be used for Keysight Technologies' tester series 4070 and 4080

For High Frequency Measurement

This type of probe card is suitable for microwave band measurement using a coaxial probe.


  • Can measure GHz-level frequencies

Needle Specifications for Small Pads (BC Probe*)

The needle specifications adopt a simulated stress design that reduces the scrub amount of the needle tip in order to reduce device pad damage.


  • Can be used for pads of thin-film, low-k, PoP, POAA and CUP devices
  • The needle specifications are designed according to the pad structure and test conditions.

*BC Probe:Bow Contact Probe