Probe Unit

Improves productivity with highly accurate, stable testing

A probe unit is a testing instrument used in FPD testing. Set on a prober, it contacts test panels and transmit electrical signals from the tester. MJC offers a wide variety of probe units according to panel size, resolution, and maintenance requirements. Featuring stable contact and easy maintenance, our probe units allow highly accurate and reliable testing as well as contribute to test cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Technical Column:

Blade-type Probe

SFB (Super Fine Blade)
UFB (Ultra Fine Blade)

Probe blocks for fine pitch


  • Reduces influence of dust and foreign materials and allows stable contact
  • Allows single pin replacement, which reduces maintenance cost

ZFB(Zeta Fine Blade)

Probe block for many pins and fine pitch


  • Small size and very easy maintenance
  • High probe positioning accuracy, which improves contact accuracy

LiPS-type Probe

LiPS / LiPS-Mono

Film-type contact probes for very fine pitch


  • Low-noise, low-scratch properties are best suited to testing sensor devices
  • Achieves superior contact repeatability with improved probe positioning accuracy
  • Easy maintenance with easy block replacement

Film-type Probe


Film-type probe using a unique contact method to reduce influence of foreign materials and improve durability.


  • Easy to see the tip of the probe, which facilitates positioning
  • Suitable for Chip-On-Glass (COG)-type panels


Probe using Chip on Film (COF) as the probe structure.


  • Simplified structure reduces connection failure caused by contact
  • Achieves both shorter lead time and cost-cutting

FPD Lighting Unit

Small FPD Lighting Unit

Small-sized FPD lighting unit for lighting tests of organic EL display (OLED) and LCD.


  • Thin, lightweight and portable
  • When set on an existing repair system, it allows repair of panels while light is on