FPD Products

FPD test solutions for quality and productivity improvement

MJC's FPD test solutions with high reliability and stable quality contribute to improving quality and productivity of diversifying FPDs.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment—PIXQUIRE

In the FPD lighting test process, PIXQUIRE automatically detects defects using CCD cameras, eliminating the need for conventional visual inspection.
PIXQUIRE also contributes to test cost reduction through reducing labor, stable quality through quantification, and yield improvement with repairing.

Mura Inspection and Compensation System—Gaterumph

Gaterumph eliminates mura or unevenness in LCD/OLED panel displays by automatically inspecting mura with an optical method and compensating mura for lighting control.

Probe Unit

A probe unit is a contactor set on an array prober or cell prober to transmit electrical test signals to panels.
MJC's probe units feature superior contact performance and easy maintenance, both of which are indispensable for testing FPDs with greater numbers of pins and finer pitches. It allows highly accurate and stable testing and contributes to test cost reduction.

FPD Lighting Unit

Designed for our small-sized organic EL display (OLED) and LCD.
Being lightweight and portable, it enables lighting tests to be conducted anywhere.
When mounted on a repair system, it enables panels to be repaired while light is on.

Manual Prober for FPD Substrate

This general-purpose manual prober can be used for defect analysis of FPD substrates and TEG evaluation, as well as for temperature characteristics evaluation.
Its wide contact area and easy operation enable quick contact to the target without repositioning of the panel, which improves evaluation efficiency.

Array Prober/Cell Prober

An array prober and cell prober is a system that handles and controls the position of the panel under test in a highly accurate manner, and transmits electrical signals to the panel via the probe unit.
MJC provides a wide variety of probers for TFT array testing and TEG testing in the array process, as well as cell probers for panel lighting tests in the cell process, according to generation and panel size.
Our probers' high accuracy and high throughput contribute to improving testing productivity.

Note: We license out technologies related to FPD prober products to Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd. (GPM) in Taiwan.