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MICRONICS JAPAN CO., LTD. (the Company) welcomes your comments, requests and inquiries regarding the Company's and our affiliates' products and technologies, investor relations information and employment opportunities. Inquires we receive will be used to help shape our future activities.
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Important Notes Regarding Inquiries

  • Personal information you provide will be used to answer your inquiry/question and to help shape our future activities.
  • Please refer to Privacy Policy regarding our handling of personal information.
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  • Please do not use our response to your inquiry for purposes other than the inquiry itself without our permission.
  • Customers under 16 years of age need consent from their guardian when making an inquiry.
  • We may not be able to respond to you due to reasons such as an error in the email address you entered or system failure.
  • The above may change following changes in laws and regulations or other circumstances.
  • Please also refer to the Terms of Use.

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